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Bacterial Symbiosis

Our human microbiota is extremely delicate and can change through the influence of our surroundings. This strong symbiosis between bacteria and body is paramount for our survival; among many other functions our microbiota protects us from germs and synthesises vitamins.

This material research project utilises bacterial cellulose as a scaffold for healthy, beneficial bacteria to colonise and influence our own microbiota. Through the symbiosis activation through human sweat, it offers great opportunities as sports underwear, while e.g. reducing odour or enhancing our skin's resistance.

Date: December 2017
Services: Material Futures, Product Design
Location: New York, USA

Bacterial cellulose growth

Purification of bacterial cellulose

Dry state of pure BC

Dry state of colonised BC

Material thickness variation through agitated growth medium

Rehydration and adhesion